Starting from spring 2017 anybody can join the excursion named Dűlőről dűlőre (Up and Down Vineyard Parcels). Wine tourists may drive around in a jeep and visit the legendary parcels of Villány Wine Region – Göntér, Bocor, Fekete-hegy, Ördögárok and Jammertál – accompanied by an expert guide.

The participants can also taste one top item at each of the five excellent vineyards of the Bock Estate before visiting József Bock’s private family cellar housing over 10,000 invaluable bottles, where it becomes clear that good Villány red wines tolerate even decades of aging just fine. The guests are then offered some barrel samples and an exclusive dinner wraps up the day in the Bock Cellar. (The event is available for groups of 4–8 persons.)

Photos by Richard Deutsch