Ninety-one wines made in seven different countries were competing before the jury consisting of international experts at the 6th Portugieser du Monde wine contest.  There is only one international competition organized for the Portugieser variety, traditionally called Kékoportó in Hungary, and this year four champion-prizes and 28 gold medals were handed out. The jury highlighted that the 2017 Portugieser vintage is really great all over Central and Eastern Europe. The best wines come from the Croatian wine region called Plesivica (winning two awards), the German Rheinhessen and Villány in Hungary.

The first Portugieser du Monde was organized in 2013 in Pécs and Villány which are still the two major venues of the contest; the competition itself and the tasting festival are held in Pécs while Villány hosts the professional events. The patron of the competition is Dr Zsolt Páva, Mayor of Pécs and the key sponsor is the Council of the Villány Wine Region Wine-Growers' Association.

The Portugieser variety is common throughout Europe and has many names: Portugizer, Purtugizac, Portugalka, Blauer Portugieser or Modrý Portugal so it does not hurt to see all these wines together in one place.

This year a total of 91 wines made by 56 wineries from seven countries were entered the international single variety contest – young wines from the last year as well as older vintages, blends containing at least 50% Portugieser and even specialities made from Portugieser (with white, rosé and sparkling wines) could also be tried at the challenge.

Dr József Kosárka, Wine Academy Member was the President of the international jury for the fifth year in a row with jury members from Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Sweden, and Hungary.

Champion Prizes 2018

2017 vintage Portugieser Champion-award:
PZ PLEŠIVICA - Portugizac 2017 (Plesivica, Croatia)

Champion prize of older vintage Portugiesers:
WEINGUT HUPPERT - Portugieser Klassik 2015 (Rheinhessen, Germany)

Portugieser-based Champion prize:
VYLYAN PINCÉSZET - RedY 2017 (Villány, Hungary)

Portugieser specialities’ Champion prize:
IVANČIĆ - Griffin Rose Sparkling (Plešivica, Croatia)

Number of medals awarded:

  1. Croatia: 2 champion, 1 gold, 4 silver
  2. Hungary: 1 champion,  18 gold, 34 silver
  3. Germany: 1 champion, 1 gold, 2 silver
  4. Austria: 3 gold, 1 silver
  5. Serbia: 2 gold, 3 silver
  6. Slovenia: 2 gold, 2 silver
  7. Slovakia: 1 gold, 3 silver

Top 5 "Portugieser 2017":

  1. PZ Plešivica - Portugizec 2017 (Croatia)
  2. Polgár Pince - Portugieser 2017 (Hungary)
  3. Ősi Gábor - Portugieser 2017 (Hungary)
  4. Lelovits Tamás - Portugieser 2017 (Hungary)
  5. Tiffán's Pincészet - Portugieser 2017 (Hungary)

Top 5 "Older vintage Portugieser" 

  1. Huppert - Blauer Portugieser Klassik 2015 (Germany)
  2. Marcus Schneider - Einzelstück Portugieser 2014 (Germany)
  3. Harald Schachl - Blauer Portugieser 2016 (Austria)
  4. Szende Pince - Portugieser 2016 (Hungary)
  5. Jackfall Bormanufaktúra - Portugieser 2016 (Hungary)

The awarding ceremony and the following tasting festival were organized in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter in Pécs with approximately 200 guests present. The new community bistro wine called RedY of the Villányi wine region made its debut there and its varieties made in ten cellars could be tried.

For further information contact:
Zoltán Győrffy
Portugieser du Monde, Contest Director
Pécsi Borozó, Editor-in-Chief
Phone: +36 70 311 98 35