European Cabernet Franc Wines Arrive in Villány!

The first Franc&Franc International Conference and Tasting Event was organized to show that the Villány Wine Region stands united. Cabernet Franc producers and wines from the Loire Valley were welcomed and the best Franc wines of Villány were also presented. The professional conference and the audience day were both really successful so the programme will be continued and organized this year, as well inviting those European wine producers to Villány who believe in the Cabernet Franc and make single-varietal wines from this grape.

Last year the interested enthusiasts could only participate in the tasting day but this day the conference will also be open for everyone. On Friday, 18 November the Bock Cellar in Villány will host the second Franc&Franc Conference where acclaimed Hungarian and foreign lecturers, Masters of Wine, and international wine experts will share their thoughts on Cabernet Franc and its positioning. At the professional event rare domestic and foreign wines will be presented by renowned professionals. This year, in addition to Villányi Franc, Italian and Southeastern European Cabernet Franc wines will also be in focus.

On the second day, on 19 November, Saturday, the Villány wine cellars will open and five more venues will host 15-20 wineries and the 300 people who will have the chance to get acquainted with Villányi Franc wines on a guided bus tour around the wine region. The tasting event will not only present selected Hungarian wines but guest cellars from other well-known or emerging European wine regions (Italy, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia, among others) are invited to show their own Cabernet Franc wines.

Only a limited number of participants may attend the two-day event, so book your seat in advance at