1 larger (1.5 kg) carp
1 larger (1.5 kg) catfish
700 g fresh-water fish fillet
1 kg onion
2 heaped tbsp sweet ground paprika
hot ground paprika to taste
Pig fat or oil
5 l water

Sauté finely chopped onions in the pig fat or oil until they get a golden colour, remove it from the heat and add the sweet paprika and the fishes, then pour 5 l water on it, add some salt and a bit of hot ground paprika. Simmer it slowly for about 3 hours and stir or shake the pot from time to time. Once the fishes fall into pieces you can blend or pass it through a sieve. If it’s two thick you can add some more water and spices to taste. Cook the sliced fish fillets in this soup and once ready, serve it with fresh bread.

The restaurant decide it to serve this soup without wine, but we recommend to try it with a spicy red like a kadarka from the Dukay-Sagmeister winery (Serbia). / The WineSofa team /