The five most important export markets for locally produced wines are the UK, Germany, China, the Netherlands and Bulgaria.

78 percent, meaning 11 million liters worth EUR 17 million, have been sold to European markets and the rest of 22 percent, meaning 3 million liters worth EUR 7 million, were sold to other countries outside our continent.

Outside European area, China is the most important export country for Romanian wines, followed by the United States that imports 800,000 liters of wine, and Canada with 300,000 liters of wine.

The efforts made by wineries to make export are high. To get to have significant sales abroad, the cellars must participate frequently in international fairs in Europe and Asia and to promote intensively their productions - Alina Iancu, founder of and commented.

The best price compared to the number of exported liters is provided by Finland that pays EUR 5.63 for a liter of Romanian wine and imported 6,300 liters in 2015. Hungary pays EUR 5.41 / liter, followed by Luxembourg offering EUR 4.71 / liter, but bought just 6,000 liters of wine last year.

In contrast, the lowest price for Romanian wine is offered by Slovakia, ie EUR 0.59 / liter, followed by Bulgaria with EUR 0.79 / liter and Israel with EUR 1.38 / liter.

According to representatives in the field, Cramele Recas, Oprisor and Halewood are exporting about 50 percent of production, Domeniile Sahateni – Aurelia Visinescu – 40 percent, SERVE – over 43 percent, followed by Petro Vaselo or Crama Ceptura – 30 percent and Vinarte, Corcova, Liliac, Stirbey or Cotnari – with percentages between 8 and 27 percent.

Via Romania Journal