In the year of Covid-19 and following on from a positive 2019, the DOC closes with a + 4.7% on the previous year. The performance of the bulk delivered abroad is also exceptionally good: at the end of the year between Germany, UK, North America and Austria 192,793 hl were bottled out of a total of 1,715,372 hl bottled DOC delle Venezie.

Fully operational following ministerial recognition (August 2020), the Consortium is now ready to turn new chapters, from the imminent amendment to the Regulations to international valorisation actions.

Verona, 18 January 2020 – In a context of general difficulty, the DOC delle Venezie does not stop its growth and ends 2020 with + 4.7% of bottling (1,715,372 hl for a total of almost 214 million labels distributed by Triveneta) equal to 10.5 million bottles more than the previous year. Strongly awaited data that confirm a continuous rise for the Triveneto Pinot Grigio - a more than positive trend also confirmed by the other Denominations in the area - if considering, above all, that the Pinot Grigio delle Venezie production season that just ended (the fourth for the DOC) came after a "record" 2019, which closed the books with an exciting + 34% on 2018.

Although the trend in the calendar year was fluctuating, particularly in the first half - thanks to the general uncertainty with moods that still linger in the sector - "our DOC, like others in the area, has never yielded to pessimism and, indeed, has held firm and continues to do so, demonstrating that the Triveneto is the home of Pinot Grigio" says the President of the Consorzio di Tutela Albino Armani and continues "In a very difficult situation - especially during the first lockdown - over the months, we have always seen a trend in line or slightly increasing compared with the seasonal averages of the last two years, with a maximum peak in July, the highest ever, with almost 163,000 hl bottled. Great credit also goes to the dynamism of our bottlers, both national and foreign, for having believed in our DOC and having significantly contributed to its growth in terms of both bottled product and value. Lastly, thanks to its versatility and ease of drinking, but also thanks to a global consumer able to appreciate it and to distribution through the international large-scale distribution channel, Pinot Grigio delle Venezie managed to close positively this year too, nothing short of unusual”.

And a great contribution also comes from foreign partners: the performance of the bulk destined to DOC delle Venezie that crosses the national border is very satisfactory, with 192,793 hl - of which 12% already of the 2020 vintage - bottled in Germany (47%), UK (21%), USA (12%), Canada (6%) and Austria (5.19%), a significant figure especially when compared to the total monthly average bottling of 145,948 hl/month (+ 4.7%). "Let’s remember that the foreign bottlers who choose the Denomination delle Venezie are subject to the specific audit and control plan for the DO and undertake to operate in accordance with the provisions of its production specification, always under the supervision of the Triveneta Certifications control body” declares Francesco Liantonio, Chairman of Triveneta.

The DOC also saw a good starting trend with regard to the new bottlings of the 2020 harvest which began in October (one month earlier than the previous two years) with a + 67% compared to the use of the new vintage in the same period of 2019. Excellent news also on the stocks front which record a significant decrease over 2019, more precisely a reduction of 42%, which translates into almost -121,000 hl in the companies’ tanks.

Lastly, the Protection Consortium is ready to start new important chapters beginning with the awaited presentation of the amendment to the Production Regulations, possible only following the Ministerial recognition received in 2020. Even in the absence of the main international sector events such as Prowein and Vinitaly, today the Consortium does not rest on its laurels but looks ahead towards international communication, promotion and information projects. The spotlight will certainly remain on the already consolidated and driving markets for DOC such as the USA and the UK, but the appellation is also preparing to conquer virgin lands for Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie - such as Japan, Russia and Switzerland - and to make new networks with the specialized public of buyers, press or industry professionals.

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