Furmint 2013    I 81-83 points

Aromatic nose of apple, pear, peach and smokiness. On the palate, vibrant acidity with ripe fruit and minerality, with salty finish.

Furmint Selection 2011    I 86-88 points
Flint, stone and minerality on the nose, with apple, quince and white flowers. Buttery on the palate with some notes of brioche, almond kernel, quince and apricot. Full bodied, with lively acidity and a long finish.

Late Harvest Hárslevelű 2013    I 83-85 points
Perfumed mineral nose of grapefruit, mandarin, apricot, yellow flowers and pineapple. Refreshing acidity with ripe ripe tropical and stone fruit.

5 puttonyos aszú 2008    I 93-95 points
Fresh, aromatic fruity aszú. Apricots, furniture polish, raisins, honey, nuts and sultanas on the nose. Zesty acidity, white flowers, caramel, butterscotch and dried fruit on the palate. A well-balanced and complex wine.

Hétszőlő single vineyard 5 puttonyos aszú 2013    I 91-93 points
Aromas of quince, pear, honey, banana, grapefruit, sultanas and white flowers. On the palate, almond nuttiness, tropical fruit and marmalade. Crisp fresh acidity with a long finish.

6 puttonyos aszú 2004    I 92-94 points
Incredibly complex with flavours and aromas of honey, marmalade, savoury, dried apricot and peach, sultanas, almond, hazelnut, nutmeg, cinnamon, mushroom, brioche and quince. Lingering salty finish.

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