Different characters of Bikavér (Bull’s Blood) cuvée wines made in Eger and Szekszárd, are originated in the terroir, since Eger belongs rather to a northern type wine region, while Szekszárd to a southern one. Their common feature is, however, that red cuvée wines of both wine regions are based on Kékfrankos variety. Winelovers have now the great opportunity to check its effect on the Bikavér wines at Eger-Szekszárd Bikavér Párbaj (Eger-Szekszárd Bull’s Blood Duel) wine tasting event organised in Budapest.  

It is not only exclusively the winemakers’ decision which varieties to blend in the Bikavér wines, they have to take into account the regulation in force of the given wine region as well. Provisions of both wine regions, Eger and Szekszárd, are agreed on the fact that Bikavér wines should be based on Kékfrankos variety. Gabriella Mészáros, wine teacher and expert clarified the importance of this prescription:

The best way of showing the uniqueness of the terroir is taking such grape varieties, which are individualities in themselves, but they allow to prevail the surrounding climate, soil, i.e. the natural environment as well. Kékfrankos with its round acidity, fruitiness and great structure, is just a perfect variety for this purpose. Of course, we need the adequate expertise as well in order to make an excellent wine – it goes beyond the variety itself.

Having a Kékfrankos base, Bikavér wine generally belongs to the more elegant trend within the world of big red wines. For that very reason, this wine is generally a good candidate for matching with different meals. András Horkay, director and teacher of Central European Wine Institute gives the following hints in pairing wines and plates:

Bikavér wines, due to their vivid acidity, are delicious together with fatty food; while their spicy aromatics are harmonising nicely with slightly piquant meals as well, so that many recipes of the traditional Hungarian cuisine come to fore. Besides pork tenderloin, veal stew and other spicy stew plates, they can even be recommended to fuller poultry dishes, for instance duck or goose leg as well.

The tasting event of Eger-Szekszárd Bikavér Párbaj will be held in the ballroom of the Corinthia Hotel Budapest on 26 February, 2016. More than 25 producers will offer their Bikavér wines to taste, guests can compare different terroirs, winemaking styles and vintages. The event is sponsored by the Central European Wine Institute and the Szigetközi Friss Víz, a Hungarian fresh water brand. 

Further information and tickets: www.bikaver-parbaj.hu