Tamás honours the tradition of good home cooking, but combines classic Hungarian dishes with more unusual ingredients. Tamás Bereznay, who has cooked for the Hungarian president and other heads of state, but gained his love of cooking from his grandmother, takes us on a journey through the courses of modern Hungarian cuisine.

For those who hunger after typical dishes, you can learn how to prepare foie gras, chicken soup, gulyas, pancakes hortobágy style, crispy goose leg with braised cabbage, fermented cucumbers, sour cherry strudel and apricot dumplings. For those who aspire to something more creative, try some of the more modern creations, such as cold blueberry soup, pea and horseradish soup, chicken livers with cognac and thyme, trout with blue cheese or black pudding with savoy cabbage.

Vegetarians, who may find it challenging to find something tasty in the somewhat meat-dominated Hungarian cuisine, might well change their mind after tasting the breaded pattypan squash with pickles dip or the pasta with cabbage.

Hungarians most likely could not imagine a day without something sweet, so the pancakes stuffed with plum jam and brandy or the noodle and curd cheese cake with berries should satisfy those with a sweet tooth too.

The book is beautifully illustrated with stunning photos of the finished dishes and the Hungarian countryside. It is a must for anyone who loves to cook or just to dream…